Determining Your Vehicle Shipping Quote

What factors are considered when determining your vehicle transport rate?

Plycar Transportation Group makes car shipping quotes a breeze with our online quote form. The convenience of our online quote generator means your transport rate information is available to you from the comfort of your home or even while you're on the go! But what factors are we considering when we give you a quote? What affects your pricing? Read on to understand what goes into creating your shipping quote with the Plycar Transportation Group.

Your Pick-up & Drop-Off Locations

This will likely be the most important piece of information when creating your rate quote. The distance from Point A to Point B will greatly aid us in determining the standard level rate, as well as considerations for fuel used and mileage fees. While this is not the only consideration that Plycar will use to determine your vehicle shipping rate, it is the biggest factor. 

Your Vehicle Type & Overall Value 

The size and weight of your automobile is another key factor that the Plycar Transportation Group will take into regard; bigger vehicles are more costly to ship, particularly if they have oversized or overweight attributes to add to the mix. Should that be the case with your vehicle, your auto shipper will need to consider special equipment or additional staff needed. In addition, The Plycar Transportation Group specializes in transporting luxury and exotic vehicles, therefore we always take your vehicles overall value into consideration, as well as cost of insurance and liability coverage. 

Your Vehicles Condition 

Vehicles that aren't operational, particularly exotic or antique cars that are mid-restoration, will require a little extra care in loading and unloading them onto our enclosed carriers. To ensure the utmost care in the delivery of your vehicle, we utilize special equipment so that your car arrives at your destination in pristine condition. 

Time Frame 

The Plycar Transportation Group has six different hubs in the United States, and also provides transport services within Canada, meaning our team makes frequent trips across North America, multiple times each week. We are able to provide standard delivery, expedited delivery, and anything in between.

The Plycar Transportation Group is well-versed in your vehicle shipping needs, and can provide a safe and worry-free delivery of your treasured automobile. Our knowledgeable team of customer service representatives are available to give detailed explanations on your personal quote, as well as answer any questions you may have regarding the shipping process. From quote to delivery, Plycar Transportation Services will always exceed your expectations.

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