Auto Shipping Quotes: 3 Common Misconceptions

 When it comes to transporting your prized Porsche 918 Spyder, precision, care and accuracy are of the utmost importance. That's why when it comes to your auto shipping quote, you want to ensure that you're getting exactly what you're paying for. At the Plycar Transportation Group we pride ourselves in providing exemplary customer service when it comes to your vehicle shipment. Part of that process includes presenting you with a thorough and detailed shipping quote. But when it comes to quotes, there are often an abundance of misinformation, misunderstandings and misconceptions. To help alleviate some of the inaccuracies we often encounter in auto shipping, here are 3 common misconceptions

Misconception: A Quote is an Exact PriceWhat about fees and fine print?

Some auto shipping companies tack on additional "service fees" and charges that you haven't accounted for. Read your quote carefully. Ask questions. This includes the fine print. And do this before you sign your contract, that way you are readily aware of any additional costs to your final invoice. Examples of additional fees can include hook-up charges, delivery charges and terminal vs home drop-off.

Misconception: Your Auto Shipping Quote is Based on Distance
Isn't that all that matters? 

Distance is a major factor in a vehicle transport, but it's not the only one! When preparing a quote for our clients, the Plycar Transportation Group also takes into account vehicle weight, make and model, pick-up/drop-off locations and whether or not you are using standard or expedited shipping and delivery. Each of these aspects contribute to your final quote. Fortunately, the Plycar Transportation Group employs superb customer service representatives, to guarantee that your quote is precise with no surprises. 

Misconception: Removing Extras Means a Lower Price
Will it help if I remove my tires or doors? 

It's an odd question, but we do receive it from time to time. Customers will ask if removing hubcaps or spare tires will decrease their overall quote. While vehicle weight does come into account when transporting vehicles, it's more about the number of vehicles that will fit in each enclosed Plycar Transportation Group carrier. Rest assured, hubcaps and spare tires are automatically calculated into your vehicles standard weight and removing them will not make a difference.

Now that you're more informed on the misconceptions of auto shipping quotes, contact one of our service agents or complete the custom quote form to start your vehicle transport process. The Plycar Transportation Group is always on hand to meet your needs and exceed your vehicle shipment expectations.

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