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Plycar is an authorized callaway carrier

By choosing to work with an authorized transportation company you can be sure that you are getting what is promised to you. With an authorized company, you can rest assured that the manufacturer authorizing them has a long-standing, positive, relationship with the company. You are sure to receive quality performance and top-notch customer service when you work with Plycar. As an authorized transportation company for Callaway Cars, we are familiar with their cars and respect them.

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Plycar always provides delicate care in transport, as any fine piece of machinery deserves. If you are purchasing a Callaway car, trust in our experience and expertise to get it to you.

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Plycar callaway truck
Plycar callaway truck

Callaway Cars

In the 1970s, the Callaway company was founded by Reeves Callaway, a former motorcar racer who was considered one of the best new racers in his time. When he stopped racing he began assembling beautifully fabricated components and piecing together cars in his home with a few friends. He took his love of fast, powerful, automobiles and combined it with his creative personable attitude and created a company of competent and innovative engineers.

Today, Callaway Cars provides customers with powerfully engineered vehicles, from sports cars like their beautiful corvette to their trucks and SUVs.

Callaway specializes in providing engineering services and creating performance products and specialty vehicles. There are four branches to this innovative company, allowing them to become experts in each field. First of course is Callaway Cars, which designs, develops, and manufactures high performance vehicles. There is Callaway Engineering, where brilliant minds deliver a full range of contract engineering and manufacturing services. Then there is Callaway Carbon, which designs, tools and manufactures structural and non-structural components for military, medical, aerospace, and automotive clients. Callaway Competition develops, constructs, and campaigns for Corvette racecars masters racing series.

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Our Promise To

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FULLY LICENSED AND INSURED: When you contact Plycar for your Callaway and other vehicle transportation needs you can rest assured that you are receiving the best service around. Plycar is fully licensed and insured to meet all State and Federal requirements. Our drivers are all specially trained and are held to the highest standards.

SAFETY AND CARE: At Plycar we guarantee our service and ensure the delivery of your vehicle, manufacturer-to-dealership, dealership-to-dealership, dealership-to-customer, and all other means in between. Our transport driver will thoroughly inspect the vehicle at pick up and delivery. Upon delivery please also take note of the condition of your vehicle.

TIMELY SERVICE: Time is always of the essence, especially in business-to-business transactions where time is literally money. We understand that time is always a factor in business and for consumers, and we take pride in our delivery times and professional service.

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Request your - no obligation - custom quote for your supercar, exotic, collectible or antique vehicle. We offer fair pricing, 40+ years of experience and a fast estimate.

Plycar Automotive Logistics offers the safest, most reliable, insured, modern automotive transport service available. Our enclosed multi-car carriers have the latest equipment, ensuring your vehicle is safely loaded and secured.
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