Top 5 Reasons to Ship Your Car

There are a multitude of reasons to ship your car to a specific destination. Whether you're transporting your priceless classic car collection for a showcase or you simply want your personal vehicle waiting for you when you step out of the airport, Plycar Automotive Logistics are at your service! Utilizing an auto transport service protects your car from wear and tear, can be more cost effective, and simply more convenient for you and your hectic lifestyle. Read on for the most common reasons to use Plycar Automotive Logistics for your transport needs. 

Ship Your Car with Stress-free Confidence!

Does the thought of creating a caravan of cars and moving trucks make you cringe? Why spend days on the road when you can fly to your destination in a few hours, all while knowing that your car is being handled with extreme care by the experts at Plycar Automotive Logistics. Let our professional team coordinate your vehicle transport for you, granting you a seamless transition to your new home without having to focus any extra energy on your vehicle logistics. 

Going on Vacation?
Your Car or Motorcycle Can Meet you! 

 It's not uncommon for a client to request assistance in transporting their vehicle from their permanent home to their secondary vacation property or destination. If you're headed off for an extended holiday, you might feel more comfortable driving your own vehicle, in lieu of securing a long-term rental, where you might be locked into services you just don't need. In addition, Plycar Automotive specializes in convenient and competitive New York/Greater Northeast to Florida "Snow Bird" transports.

Making a Long Distance Purchase?
Deliver Your Vehicle to Your Driveway! 

Purchasing a luxury or exotic vehicle from a private, out-of-state seller is an increasingly common occurrence. When making an auto purchase out of state, you want to ensure that you are able to secure a trustworthy automotive transport company to guarantee that your new purchase arrives in pristine condition. At Plycar Automotive Logistics, we always recommend that the buyer chooses the vehicle shipment company as a guarantee of service. 

Need to Move Antique or Classic Cars?
Transport your classic vehicle wherever it needs to be!

Whether you are planning on buying or showcasing your classic car, keeping the mileage low, and the wear and tear at an absolute minimum is of the utmost importance. With that being said, creating a solid relationship with a trusted vehicle transport company is a must to ensure excellent care of your treasured vehicle, and will alleviate any concerns. The Plycar Automotive team is well-versed and experienced in moving classic vehicles, and utilizes only enclosed carriers as they provide the level of specialized handling that a classic or antique necessitates. Always ask your provider how they transport, never assume that enclosed carriers are the norm across the industry. 

Car Dealership Relocating?
No lot is too small or too large! 

When moving cars from one dealership to another, utilizing an auto transport company is the ideal shipping option. As an authorized transport company for Porsche, the Plycar Automotive team has an established, longstanding and positive relationship with the brand, and is well-versed in the process of transporting inventory safely, efficiently and reliably.

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Thursday, 23 May 2024

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