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Hi Mike

I wanted to thank you for your professionalism and the excellent service of your company and staff. Evan raved about you, and now I know why. I will definitely use your company in the future whenever I need to transport a car.


I recently purchased a rare BMW from a private seller in Oklahoma and wanted to have it transported via enclosed carrier to California.

Wow, little did I know, there were tons of companies out there to choose from. After submitting and receiving several quotes from about 10 companies, I finally narrowed it down to 2. In the end, I chose Plycon/Plycar. Primarily because they have a lot of experience with all types of vehicles to include high-end luxury and exotic vehicles.

From the very beginning, customer service with Plycon/Plycar was exceptional. Dave Campoli and Chris Pilaconis were my contact persons and I was provided with their company phone numbers, cell phone numbers and email addresses. They always responded to my questions in a swift and professional manner and even responded after hours.

The transporters, Dean and Paula Templeton, were also great. They picked up and delivered the car ahead of schedule and with NO damage whatsoever.

Should the occassion arise, I would definitely use Plycon/Plycar again and would not hesitate to ask for Dean and Paula.

Michael Winston

These guys provided perfect service! They beat the price of all competition quotes. Pick-up and delivery was within 15 minutes of estimates. They even rescheduled the initial pick-up date at the last minute when a problem with the cars brakes forced me to postpone. Thanks a million guys!!!

Robert Wolf

You don’t know me but I just had to send you an email (got your email address from your web site). I am sitting in my office in Michigan and just looked out the window to see one of the best looking big rigs I have ever seen. On the side had the words Plycar (fine auto trans.). Like many, I have a toy that someday I might need transported so I thought I would look up your web site and print out the info and put it in a file (just in case). When I went to your web site I clicked on the info about the founder (your father). I am now sitting here with tears in my eyes. I wish I were lucky enough to have met him. After reading about him, I almost feel like I know him. I just did my stavro while looking at his picture. May his memory be eternal. I wish you and your family all the best in the future. I hope this brightens your day because your family brightened mine.

George C. Calvert

Joe did a nice job with the cars and was very polite and professional and did exactly what he promised (unusual these days). Although I was not happy with the price increase, in the end it was worth the service level. If you need a reference for a customer in the future please do not hesitate to contact me.

Richard A. Baccaro

I have a few celeb friends that have been using you (that's how I found you) and I'tve recommended you to the buyers of my last 2 Lotus Esprits. Everyone loves your company - which in my many years of car dealing is an amazing thing. Thanks for being awesome.

Jim R.

This is an informative letter to the management at Plycar. I was at the Sacramento 49er truck stop today. There were three trucks that arrived to make logistical exchanges, #0818, #1206 and one other team couple. The professionalism showed by these drivers was like none I have ever seen before. They were all in uniform, clean and very well spoken. They handled the automobiles delicately and with extreme precision. I have been an enclosed auto hauler for 3 years now, I hope to become what these men (and woman) are for the automotive relocation industry.


My car arrived in perfect condition in Sarasota. Both drivers, in New York and Sarasota, were very nice and helpful. Many thanks.

George A.

I cannot express to you how impressed I was with Plycar regarding the delivery yesterday of my 2011 Porsche GT3RS.

Communication was incredible throughout, you met (and exceeded !) my timeline expectations, driver (Ricky) was professional and passionate and most importantly my car arrived safely without damage.

I have used other carriers in the past, but from now on Plycar will be my carrier of choice!

I distributed Plycar brochures to several of my car-guy friends and noted your outstanding service on several Internet forums (Rennlist.com, teamspeed.com).

Thanks again- job well done!

Bill H.

Thank you so much for making sure the V12 got from Aston Martin Long Island in to Manhattan on such short notice, it was completely my mistake, but you and your team came through for me anyway and nobody was the wiser. Most sincerely.


Hi Mike, I got my Cobra today. I just wanted to make a point to say how happy I was with the overall service and Sam the driver. Sam delivered my Cobra earlier than expected, he was professional and had a smile the whole time. Couldn' t ask for more.

Darrell M.

I had a car shipped, date was 2/5/2013, and I could not have said more as to how well the pick-up driver, Ramon, was. Very professional and was there as he promised. As for final delivery, Courtney was even more accommodating. Since the car was being delivered to my son on the Navy Sub Base, Groton, Conn., there is some hurdles to overcome. Not to mention the massive snowstorm on Feb 7,8 and 9. The large parking lot that was agreed upon just happened to be closed, causing some issues. Courtney, searched out a local (outside the gate)used car dealership, and worked with them to let him drop the car off, and and drop the keys off in the office. Because my son was on duty at time of delivery THIS was a great way to get him the car so he can pick up later. He is not as able as us civilians to take phone calls, leave work, etc. Thanks for the EXTRA efforts of PLYCAR all is completed. Thanks again!

Kevin & Gary M.

Hi! I want to thank you for going above and beyond with my customer and accommodating his pick up this weekend. He said you meet him on Sunday and he really appreciated your flexibility. He was in the middle of another move so he was a bit stressed out. I thank you!!

Michelle P.