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Arthur Pliaconis

Arthur Pliaconis

Heaven called Arthur Pliaconis on Tuesday, August 1st. 2006. Arthur may have left us in a physical sense but his influence and memories will be remembered for generations to come. Arthur was able to leave a legacy that every person he came in contact with will forever remember. If you had the pleasure to meet him, you can honestly say he touched and changed your life. Arthur embodied integrity and honor. His smile gave you peace of heart. He was a kind and gentle man. Always generous, if you were in need he would be there, and never asked for anything in return. Most importantly he was a family man. Arthur Pliaconis would want to be remembered for the beautiful and loving family he created.It started at the top. Arthur shared a love for Paras unlike any other – he would do anything for her, period. You could see it in his eyes every time he looked at her. The earth moved around her, and the stars and moon rose and set just for her. No man has ever loved a women as he did her. On their twenty-fifth anniversary, he shaved his head, took her best lipstick, and made a heart on his head with a 25 in the middle.

He was so proud at the party, to have that on his forehead, he wanted everybody to know the love he shared with his wife. He may have taken Paras around the world on trips, but the trip that meant the most to him, was the trip down the aisle when Paras became his wife. Arthur was blessed to create three young men with Paras – Dean, David, and Christopher. As a father he has always had his children’s respect. He was the model they wanted to become when they grew up. They were taken on trips during the summer, and taught about becoming well-rounded men. They were taught about what was important in life, but to also embrace and enjoy life. Arthur taught his children how Greeks created History, Math, and Medicine. He also preached the importance of eating vegetables you dislike, learning to swim, and caring for your family. Family, was always the most important issue to him.

Arthur always lived life to the fullest, and was blessed with six wonderful grandchildren that he has shared so much with. He taught them about life, saw them as they grew up and shared with them what life is, and to always do their best – and to be the best they possibly could be. You saw the pride in his eyes whenever he would speak of his grandchildren and their various accomplishments. Arthur was a modest man, except when it came to his grandchildren. He truly loved the family he started. The love didn’t stop there.

Arthur was a man who not only cared for his own mother, but also took care of his in-laws until their journey in life ended. Family was his life. His daughter in-laws always considered him as their father and from the very beginning he accepted them to the family. He has always treated and cared for them as he did his own. Arthur was a man to look up to, a man to respect. He was just happy to see the family and the love grow. Without family, there was no joy in life. Artie’s love for life was infectious. He always made sure to let people know what the truly important values were in life. Work hard, enjoy life, never give up, everything happens for a reason, and it all works out in the end. It was easy to fall in love with his passion for life. Dancing on tables at weddings, laughing, smiling, joking, and yes, making his wife mad.

He always loved to get a rise out of her. You always knew he finally got under her skin when she shouted, “Athanasi!” Then he would turn and give a grin with a look like, “What did I do?” Every occasion, every holiday, he never missed an opportunity to give his wife a hard time. Always playful he knew he could get away with it. He knew all he had to do was smile and say, “Hun-o” and he would instantly be forgiven. Another favorite tradition of his would be to shave his head every summer and tell you too rub it for good luck. No matter what, he could always bring a smile to your face.

Arthur was known for having the ability to bring joy, but what separated him from most was his amazing work ethic. Arthur would do anything he could to provide for his family. He started his own company for “Family.” Everyone was apart of making it grow and continuing in its success. Being an employee of Plycon is not just a job, it is a family. No matter if times were good or times were bad, he led with the vision of making Plycon something more than just an average company. His vision was to be the best. And once we were, to improve and constantly raise the bar. You can not help but be motivated to do your job to the best of your ability with a figure like Arthur Pliaconis leading the way. Once Plycon was established Arthur was able to pass the torch to his three sons. It was an easy transition because they were groomed from the beginning to become mirror images of their father. Each son put so much of his life into Plycon, not wanting anything in return, but to give their family a better life and make Arthur proud.

Arthur enjoyed his retirement. He spent most of his time fishing, traveling, solving puzzles, visiting his family, and screaming at the television every morning while watching the horses.

Arthur lived a life with so many fond memories – but one story that sticks out about his retirement was a remarkable trip. On a trip to Florida Arthur won the Pick-6 at the track, with all the excitement it brought, we thought we were going to have to call an ambulance – the joke was Dad still probably would not have gone to the hospital until he found out how much he won! This was a dream come true for him to win – not to many people have achieved this accomplishment, but we all believed he could do it.

It is impossible to sum up in words what Arthur meant to all of us. The legacy Arthur left behind is better than anything written. His love and memory will be inside of everybody he has met along the journey of life. Arthur was a great man, and he is with God now. Arthur cared so much about everybody else that he would not even leave until all his family and friends were together – and he could say good-bye to all. He has always cared about others more than himself. Arthur is the true story of the Wizard of Oz. He had the brain, the courage, and the heart. None of us have ever had to look any further than home to see, feel, and find it.


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